Winter Is Coming

Hey guys,

It’s finally winter! I’m one of those people that would much rather stay inside during the cold weather with blankets piled on top of me, drinking hot chocolate, and watch a movie. Luckily, in Australia, the weather is tolerable enough for me to leave the house during the colder months. There aren’t many things I like about winter, I’m definitely a summer person, but I do love boots. Winter is pretty much the only time I can wear boots without my feet becoming disgustingly sweaty. Boots are a shoo in for winter, however there are some new winter trends emerging. The first, and my personal favourite, is bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are really versatile, you can pair them with a graphic tee and jeans, or with a really cute dress. They combine street wear and a tomboy vibe, with you still being able to dress it up. These jackets come in so many different styles, you can find neutral colours, florals or a pop of bright colour. Another winter trend is pink. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting bright hot pink tops. The colours trending right now are blushing pinks, rose golds and pastely pinks. These colours seem to be the biggest colour in the fashion world right now. Felt hats. I love them. Coming in so many colours, from baby blue to burgandy, they are great for winter. Wear it with ‘effortless’ windswept hair (another winter trend) and it looks amazing. Dark lips, silver eyes and dewy highlighting. Make up this season is all about non-touring. The new trend coined by Kim Kardashian, is all about light, soft make up and highlighting where the light naturally hits your face, it’s a more natural look compared to the heavy style of contouring and strobing. Dark lips are huge in winter, whether it’s heavy black matte or plum liquid lipstick. It adds an edgy look to your appearance, with lighter options to take the the boldness down a notch. Silvery eyes, whether it’s silver highlighter in the corner of the eyes, or a silver metallic eyeliner, this eye catching trend is a winter must have.







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